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Zinc Plating

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The zinc plating process offers several advantages to the metal. Zinc plated characteristics include an increase in corrosion resistance (comparable to cadmium) with an addition increase in resistance when chromates and sealers are used during the process. By zinc plating metal, it prolongs the life of the basis metal improves aesthetic value of the part and serves as a good paint base. Additionally, zinc plating services increase the lubricity and can be used for identification purposes when combined with chromates and dyes.

Things to note:

  • Corrosion resistance of zinc is comparable to cadmium
  • Corrosion resistance can be increased with the use of chromates & sealer

ASTM-B-633 QQ-Z-325B Zinc Plating Services

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  • Type I - Without supplementary treatment
  • Type II - With supplementary chromate treatment
  • Type III - With supplementary colorless chromate treatment
  • Type IV - With phosphate conversion treatment
  • Fe/Zn 25 - SC 4 (very severe)
  • Fe/Zn 12 - SC 3 (severe)
  • Fe/Zn 8 - SC 2 (moderate)
  • Fe/Zn 5 - SC 1 (mild)

Zinc Plating Chromate Colors & Types Offered

  • Clear (Silver)
  • Olive Drab
  • Black
  • Yellow (Gold)
  • Red (small quantities)
  • Green (small quantities)

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