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Zinc Electroplating

Zinc plating is a versatile process that can be used for a wide range of applications, from automotive parts to hardware and fasteners. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and can be easily painted or powder-coated for additional protection.

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About the Process

Zinc electroplating is a process that applies thin layers of zinc to metal parts using electro-deposition. This process involves immersing the metal in a bath of electrically-charged zinc/saline solution, creating a thin and uniform coating of zinc to bond with the metal. Zinc-plated metal can be heat-treated or cold-worked, and different zinc alloys can be used to meet the application requirements for the finished part.

ASTM B633 and QQ-Z-325 zinc plating services provide corrosion protection and can be used to reduce friction, as a surface preparation for painting, and to improve the surface appearance of the finished part. Del's Plating Works offers a range of zinc electroplating including Type I without supplementary treatment, Type II with supplementary colored chromate treatment, Type III with supplementary colorless chromate treatment, Type IV with phosphate conversion treatment, and Type V with supplementary colorless or colored passivate treatment.

Our facility is fully equipped to handle high volumes and provide fast turnaround to meet your production deadlines while achieving the quality standards you require. We offer coating thicknesses ranging from 0.0002” to 0.001”, and we have the ability to uniformly coat and plate parts with complex geometries. 


  • ASTM-B633
  • QQ-Z-325   


  • Clear (Silver)
  • Olive Drab
  • Black
  • Yellow (Gold)
  • Red (small quantities)
  • Green (small quantities)

ASTM B633, QQ-Z-325 Zinc Plating Services

  • Type I - Without supplementary treatment
  • Type II - With supplementary colored chromate treatment
  • Type III - With supplementary colorless chromate treatment
  • Type IV - With phosphate conversion treatment
  • Type V - With supplementary colorless passivate treatment
  • Type V - With supplementary colored passivate treatment
  • Fe/Zn 5 - SC 1 (mild)
  • Fe/Zn 8 - SC 2 (moderate)
  • Fe/Zn 12 - SC 3 (severe)
  • Fe/Zn 25 - SC 4 (very severe)

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