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Zinc Nickel Electroplating

Zinc nickel plating is a high-performance plating process that provides exceptional corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments. It is commonly used in the automotive industry, where it provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear.

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Benefits of Zinc Nickel Plating

One of the key benefits of zinc nickel electroplating is its superior corrosion resistance. Compared to other coatings such as zinc plating, zinc nickel electroplating provides up to 10 times more corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for parts that need to withstand harsher conditions.

Zinc nickel electroplating is also highly durable, making it an excellent choice for parts that are subject to wear and tear. It provides excellent wear resistance and can withstand high temperatures, making it an ideal coating for components that are exposed to extreme heat.

Zinc nickel electroplating is also highly compatible with other coatings and finishes, making it easy to incorporate into your manufacturing process. It can be easily painted or powder-coated, providing additional protection against corrosion and wear.


  • ASTM B-841

Colors & Types:

  • Type A – Colorless (blue bright) conversion coating
  • Type B – Yellow iridescent conversion coating
  • Type C – Bronze conversion coating
  • Type D – Black conversion coating
  • Type E – Any of the above plus an organic topcoat

ASTM B-841

  • Class 1 – Deposit having a minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 mass % Nickel, with balance as zinc

Thickness Grades:

  • Grade 5 – Minimum 5 microns thick
  • Grade 8 – Minimum 8 microns thick
  • Grade 10 – Minimum 10 microns thick

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