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Chemical Film Coating

Chemical Film is a chromate conversion coating which may be applied to aluminum parts in order to enhance corrosion protection while still maintaining conductivity (unlike anodizing). Chemical Film may also be used to improve adhesion for future paints and primers. This process may be done in both a clear or a golden finish. The clear finish is near colorless and provides minimal electrical resistance; whereas, the golden finish is much thicker and is mainly used to increase corrosion protection as well as paint adhesion. The typical chemical film coating should provide roughly 168 hours of salt spray per ASTM B 117.


  • Class 1A: is used as a corrosion preventative film (unpainted) or to prove adhesion of paint finish systems.
  • Class 3: is used as a corrosion preventative film for electrical and electronic applications where low-resistance contacts are required.

Base Materials that chemical film can be applied to include most alloys of aluminum.

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