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The passivate process is designed to remove foreign metals and oils (usually from machining) from the surface of stainless steel. The end finish will not change the dimension of the part nor the overall appearance of the base metal. Passivation purifies the surface of a machined part and therefore improves corrosion resistance.

QQ-P-35C is the Federal standard for passivation.

QQ-P-35 Passivation Types

  • Type I - Low temperature.
  • Type II - Medium temperature.
  • Type III - High temperature.
  • Type IV - For steels containing large amounts (0.15%) or sulfur or selenium.
  • Type V - Anodic - For high carbon martensitic (440) steels.
  • Type VI - Low temperature (optional)

ASTM A967 is the standard specification for chemical passivation treatments for stainless steel parts. Contact us today to request a quote for QQ-P-35 passivation.

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