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Hempel’s Galvosil is a two component, solvent borne, self curing, inorganic zinc silicate with outstanding resistance against weathering and abrasion. It has excellent chemical resistance within the pH range 6-9. The recommended use is as a heavy-duty, rust preventing primer. This coating may also be used as a single. Complete coating for long-term protection of steel exposed to moderate to severe corrosion environments.


Hempel’s Hepadur Mastic 45880 is a self-priming, epoxy which may be used as a tie coat in conjunction with Hempel’s Zinc Epoxies and Urethanes or as a standalone coating. The recommended use for this coating is to provide excellent corrosion protection in a variety of marine and chemical environments as well as adhesion for further coatings.


Hempel’s Urethane is a two component, aliphatic polyurethane enamel with excellent gloss and color retention. It is resistant to water, impact, abrasion, and is extremely easy to clean. Typically, used in marine environments that is extremely corrosive for steels, and where light-fastness and gloss retention are required.

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