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Bright Dipping Aluminum

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Bright Dipping is a chemical or electro-brightening treatment which produces an extremely high luster on aluminum. The bright dip process is performed on raw aluminum. The harder tempered the alloy is, the brighter the end product will be. The way that bright dip aluminum achieves this high luster is by smoothening the surface of the aluminum at the microscopic level. Bright dipping aluminum does not remove scratches or lines on the alloy.

Bright Dip Anodizing

The bright dip aluminum procedure is often used as a pretreatment for anodizing to enhance the aesthetic qualities of a part. Referred to bright dip anodizing, the bright dipped aluminum goes through the anodizing process to prevent corrosion, scratching or fading on the alloy. The anodizing steps are where you can have your aluminum alloy dyed in different colors.

Ideal Bright Dip Aluminum Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloys that are most suitable for bright dipping:

  • 5357
  • 5457
  • 6063
  • 7016
  • 7029

In general 5XXX and 6XXX series aluminums will produce higher lusters than 2XXX and 7XXX series because they are harder tempered.

As stated above, please note that bright dipping will not be able to remove scratches or gouges in material.

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