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Food Grade Passivation, Electropolishing & Anodizing Services

For over 40 years, Del’s Plating Works has provided high quality metal finishing for the food processing industry. We specialize in passivation, electropolishing, and hard anodizing services that meet industry and regulatory FDA standards for food processing equipment.  Our staff works with each client to select the best metal finishing service for your application, ensuring that your part will perform well in high wear, high temperature, and sanitary applications. Del’s Plating Works finishing and coatings are critical to maintaining the sanitation of your equipment.

  • Passivation services – Removes foreign metals and oils from the surface of stainless steel to purify the surface of the part and improve corrosion resistance.  Our services can meet QQ-P-35C Types I, II, III, IV, V, and VI and ASTM A967 standards.
  • Electropolishing services – Smooths, polishes, deburrs, and cleans stainless steel parts to provide a surface free of grain lines or surface contaminants. Electropolishing removes surface contaminants and does not embed them in the surface, as many other polishing methods do. By removing the contaminants and providing a smooth surface, electropolishing increases the corrosion resistance of the parts. In addition, the smooth surface increases the ability to sanitize the part.
  • Hard anodizing services – Protects the surface of the part from corrosion, high wear, and high temperatures. It is ideal for wear parts and motor and engine parts.

Food Safe Metal Coating & Finishing Services

Our facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, providing us with the capabilities to efficiently coat and plate your part to the most exacting standards. Our capabilities include:

  • Finishing services for stainless steel, steel, and aluminum alloys
  • Parts sizes from ¼” up to 10” in length
  • Precision finishing and coating services for parts with complex geometries
  • Coating thicknesses from .001 to .002 with tolerances to +/-.0002
  • Quantities up to high volume production runs
  • Stringent quality control to validate coating thickness, electro-negative potential, corrosion performance, hardness. We can provide certifications to verify that industry standards are met.

We understand that metal finishing is usually the last phase in your production process. Del’s Plating Works designed our processes and quality control to ensure that our coatings meet or exceed your expectations - your parts are delivered to you ready for production or shipping. Our facility is fully equipped to handle high volumes and provide fast turnaround to meet your production deadlines, while achieving the quality standards you require.

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