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Gold Plating

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Other than its aesthetic appearance, gold plating has many useful characteristics. The first being that it provides excellent corrosion and tarnish resistance. Second, gold plating is a great finish if conductivity is a major concern. One of the important characteristics of gold plating is that it has an extremely low contact resistance for electricity. Lastly, gold provides a great finish for solderabilty.

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Gold Plating - Types, Grades & Classes

  • Type I: 99.7% gold minimum (Grades A, B, or C).
  • Type II: 99.0% gold minimum (Grades B, C, or D).
  • Type III: 99.9% gold minimum (Grade A only).
  • Grade A: 90 Knoop maximum.
  • Grade B: 91-129 Knoop.
  • Grade C: 130-200 Knoop.
  • Grade D: 201 Knoop and over.
  • Class 00: .00002" minimum thickness
  • Class 0: .00003" minimum thickness
  • Class 1: .00005" minimum thickness
  • Class 2: .00010" minimum thickness
  • Class 3: .00020" minimum thickness
  • Class 4: .00030" minimum thickness
  • Class 5: .00050" minimum thickness
  • Class 6: .00150" minimum thickness


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