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Cadmium Plating

Del's Plating provides cadmium plating services. Cadmium offers many great benefits.

Benefits of Cadmium Plating

  • Low galvanic corrosion in contact with aluminum
  • Exceptional white luster similar to silver plating
  • Corrosion resistance in marine environment
  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Low electrical contact resistance
  • Uniform ductile deposit
  • Pliant
  • Solid Rust Prevention
  • Can be solder almost as well as tin

Cadmium closely resembles to Zinc plating for some applications. Typical chromates applied include clear, yellow, olive drab and black. Cadmium is extremely toxic and should not be used on any part intended for use where direct food contact may occur. Typical thickness is .0002" - .0008" deposit. Cadmium use in harsh environments and aerospace application has no equal and Cadmium is second to none in aquatic or brackish application.

QQ-P-416F is the Federal standard for Cadmium Plating.

Types of Cadmium Plating

Type I Cadmium Plating: As plated.  
Type II Cadmium Plating: Supplementary chromate treatment. Type II plating shall not show white corrosion products of cadmium, pitting, or basis metal corrosion products at the end of 96 hours (20%) salt spray exposure per following table:
Type III: Supplementary phosphate treatment. Type III shall conform to Type I of TT-C-490. Type III is used as a paint base.

Class 1: 0.0005" minimum thickness
Class 2: 0.0003" minimum thickness
Class 3: 0.0002" minimum thickness

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