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Bright Nickel Plating

Nickel provides:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Provides a strong, durable, and malleable coating
  • Versatile finish
  • Bright finish

Things to note with Bright Nickel Plating:

  • Appearance of nickel can vary from dull to very high luster depending on the phosphorous levels in the wash.

QQ-N-290A is the Federal standard for Bright Nickel plating.

Bright Nickel Plating Classes:

  • Class 1: For corrosion protection. Bright nickel plating shall be applied over an underplating of copper on zinc and zinc based alloys.
  • Class 2: For engineering applications.
  • Class A: 0.0016" minimum thickness
  • Class B: 0.0012" minimum thickness
  • Class C: 0.0010" minimum thickness
  • Class D: 0.0008" minimum thickness
  • Class E: 0.0006" minimum thickness
  • Class F: 0.0004" minimum thickness
  • Class G: .0002" minimum thickness d soldering should be considered.

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